Hello Folks!!

I am Khushaal. You can call me ‘K ‘! (Read about me here!)

Its been one full week since the declaration of results.I, too was lucky to get tips/ tricks and avail of resources generously shared by the good Samaritans ( Gaurav Aggarwal, Ghanshyam Thori and many others.)  Now that the dust has settled, I feel I must do my bit to help clear the air regarding UPSC CSE preparation. I will share my story, stuff and strategy with you before time runs out for either of us.

I haven’t planned anything concrete yet. There will be something for everything and everybody. Writeups will include-



Mains Answer writing,

Youtube channels worth subscribing,


Medical Science QuestionBankAnalysis

There would be a couple of videos detailing how to read newspaper effectively, study smartly, approach the interview.

Let me know if you have any specific queries in the comments below. But, please allow me a couple of days to upload my approach to the exam. If you still find the doubts nagging, fire away!!


14 thoughts on “Hello Folks!!

    • Thanks! I relied on my under-grad notes mostly and clicked some pictures from the standard textbooks.
      I do have some resources such as a detailed and very helful analysis of the last 20 year Question Bank. Will share with the readers after getting them scanned!


  1. Congratulations bro. Only two questions
    1. Did you highlight your answers in Mains?
    2. Did you use diagrams to answer the questions? If yes then please give a sample


  2. Hello sir
    m so much impressed by the way you are helping aspirants
    sir I am a Btech final year student
    preparing for IAS from the last one month
    m not taking any coaching .have started from indian polity
    sir even after studying for more than 12 hours a day I m feeling m on the same place. .
    kindly tell me a suitable approach what you did while preparing ..my first attempt would be in 2016
    I would be so grateful to you


  3. Sir first of all congrats and thanks for helping aspirants like us.
    your advice and youtube links u shared are very useful.
    Sir if u can please share online pdf format study materials too ;for topics in gs (mains) paper like “Post independence India” , “farm subsidies” , “PDS” etc.


    • Thanks Amit!

      Since, I am not the owner/ publisher of the said content I am afraid I can’t distribute any such material ( Especially for Mass consumption)

      That being said, some digging on the internet will lead you to the source.


  4. Sir,hearty congratulations to you for your grand success!
    Could you throw some light on how to be very precise in current affairs part as I find many topics to be important while reading newspaper and it consumes a lot of time?Also,how helpful is the old question papers for navigating the vast current affairs?how many years question papers should be used for this purpose if any?

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    • It is not a matter of precision. ‘Everything under the sun including the sun’ is relevant. Range over Depth. General over Specifics.
      Reading newspapers is fun, not a burden. If you can’t enjoy that, its gonna be a tough time preparing for the CSE.

      One should have a broad idea of ‘happening things’. That’s about it. Newpaper/ Magazine/Podcast/ TV doesn’t matter.

      Analysis of old papers for currents may be helpful. Its just an icing on the cake. First, bake the cake!!


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