Score Card Prelims, Mains and Interview

prelims marksheet


GS- I could not finish. Was always hard pressed for time. Left 30 marks in Ethics.

I did good in ESSAY and INTERVIEW
Medical Science saved my skin.

Detailed plan and approach to follow



19 thoughts on “Score Card Prelims, Mains and Interview

  1. boss ur score in prelims paper -1 is too good can u share the tips for me i have got just 75 in paper -1 it will be helpful to me


    • Vicky Man!
      It had a lot to do with the CSAT. Now, after the recent changes GS assumes huge importance.
      One could skip the CSAT. Just look at some basic formulas, Revise your tables, do some squares and cubes and voila!!


  2. ‘K’ heartliest congratulatulation. i still remember you, you were sitting right next to me in the first day at sriram’s ias .. the first day at sriram in that batch and yo were busying reading NCERT instead of taking the lecture notes!!.. seldom see you after that.. may be you stop attending classes after the first few. your marks in essay and interview and of course med sc, tell a lot about you. your article is very inspiring and instructive. thank you Dr. Khushaal ..


  3. hi
    Could you give us some tips for prelims paper 1 as you did really good in that paper.
    Pls do it asap as prelims is just 1’month away.


    • Hi, Harsha..
      I did random study.
      If there is some method in the seeming madness, here it is-

      newspapers +Current magazines +random std texts


  4. Hello , congrats first if all .
    Could you plz share tips about answer writings in mains . as you said you missed some answers in GS 1 and ethics , but still you are above 90. plz share some tips . thanks in advance


  5. Congrats Dr.Kushal for cracking it in 1st attempt.

    Could you give us some tips for prelims paper 1(General Studies) as you did really good in that paper,
    Your strategy or analysis that could help us in 2015 exam!


    • Thanks Vikram!
      I personally was counting on CSAT to keep me afloat. I did okay in GS, but that was mostly awareness. I didn’t plan or have any strategy for prelims GS.


  6. Hello
    you did very weel in G.S1(prelims).
    In mrunal’s interview,you were talking about Vision IAS current affair material. By vision current material you mean those monthly booklets also available on the book stalls? Are they good for prelims?
    please reply.


    • I had enrolled in the test series and that’s where I got the material. I think that they are easily available in the market.

      Extremely useful stuff. For all stages!!


  7. Hello..Congratulations .
    Could you please share your strategy regarding medical the end of august ? Would be a huge help.
    I am a graduate from MAMC..this will be my first attempt.
    Thanks a lot..and congrats again.

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    • It’s in the pipeline. Will take me a couple of days.

      Meanwhile, brush up your topics from the syllabus.
      Do not Deviate from the prescribed syllabus.


  8. Thanks for this post.:)
    My question is : What is the basic difference between the terms : Discuss,Comment, Analyze,Evaluate, Examine,Explain?
    Because Sometimes we can’t judge that what is really asked.
    So Requesting you to differentiate this terms. Thanks 🙂


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